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Dalarna County, nestled in central Sweden, leaves little to be desired. It is filled with natural beauty in the shape of hiking-friendly forests, mighty lakes, mountains and flower meadows – which the winters transform into terrain great for skiing and skating.

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When we asked The Local’s readers for your best winter memories of Dalarna in the heart of Sweden, you had plenty to say. “There are many places in the world I love but Dalarna stole my heart completely,” one reader told us.

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The province of Dalarna formed part of Svealand before the formation of Sweden in the 11th century. Three historically notorious rebellions started in the Dalarna province: In , led by Engelbrekt Engelbrektsson, the miners rose against the oppression of the officers of Eric of Pomerania.

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    At its heart, the shimmering waters of Lake Siljan, mirror-like in the late, midsummer sun, are bounded by mythical forests and rolling hills dotted with those picture perfect red-painted cottages that epitomise Swedish country life. Dalarna is also the origin of the iconic painted wooden Dalahäst (Dala horse) central to Swedish folklore.

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    Traveling in Dalarna is like experiencing Sweden in a miniature. The mountains and the Sami culture, the lakes, the red cottages, the craft tradition and the exciting industrial history. Everything gathered up close. We help you find and book accommodation, activities and events, and hope to inspire you to discover Dalarna.

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  • Dalarna, formerly Dalecarlia, län (county) and traditional landskap (province), central Sweden. It extends from the Norwegian border in the west nearly to the town of Gävle, on the Gulf of Bothnia in the east.
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    The nature of Dalarna is epic, with endless forests studded with majestic waterfalls and lakes – the crowning glory being Lake Siljan, the seventh largest in Sweden. It’s an ideal spot for swimming, fishing and kayaking. Siljansleden is a popular trail snaking around the entirety of the lake, perfect for hiking and, in some parts, mountain.

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    Welcome to Dalarna – located in the heart of Sweden, this area has everything from deep enchanting forests to exciting local cultural activities. The table is located in Grövelsjön, Dalarna’s northernmost point where you’ll be surrounded by magnificent mountain tops, blooming birch trees and flowing streams.